Miss Merk is a teacher from the USA who has a blog designed to keep her in touch with her students. She has on her blog taken her students on her trip to Japan with her. Click on this link to look at this blog and navigate around to see some happy snaps of the her adventure, some students in Japan and some lovely pictures of Tokyo.

In Miss Mack’s blog there is a  link to Kids Japan site. It is so cute you will have fun doing some of the activities. Be sure to find the experiment that shows that sound can make a liquid hard.

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District Public Speaking Finals

Elyse was one of eight students to compete for the title of best in the district. Competition was fierce, the standard was extremely high and all the students put their heart and soul into their performance. Elyse’s speech ‘To Right Your Wrongs’  was among the best of the best, we are proud of her achievement. Listen to her speech and take some time to think about the messages in it. 

People and their Beliefs

People and their Beliefs


 Some great links for learning about world religions.  Do you have others to add to the list?

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for most of these links.

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